Sex & Society Tour


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Sex and Society Tour Dublin

A quirky look at modern attitudes to sex in Ireland

On this tour discover Dublin's Secrets:
Church & State
Magdalene Laundries
Leopold Bloom's Night Town
Prostitution - Then and Now
Censorship and Sex Shops,
LGBTQ Rights & Marriage Equality

Irish people talk a lot, but until recently, did not talk much about sex. Thankfully, there have been huge changes in Irish attitudes towards sex in the last decade or two and it could be said that Ireland has finally joined 'the carnal mainstream'! 


No longer obsessed with 'fallen women' (what about 'fallen men'?) the Irish are now a little bit more comfortable talking about sex. But what about the history of sex? Did it just begin in Ireland 20 years ago? What went on behind closed doors and what is happening these days?



On this 2.5 hour tour we take a gentle, fun look at sex and society in Dublin. We visit 'The Monto', immortalised as 'Nighttown' in Joyces' 'Ulysses', (and previously the biggest red-light district in Europe), before arriving in a modern Dublin complete with adult stores and fetish shops to show you, in a light-hearted way, the huge changes in sex and society that Ireland has seen.

Q: Do I need book this tour? 
A: Booking online is essential to guarantee your reservation 
Q: Strangely named tour, Tell me more.
A: Home to one of the largest red-light district in Europe, Dublin changed to one of the most church influenced cities in Western Europe. over the last few decades has become one of the most liberal, Join us and learn the story of this journey.
Q: What kind of subjects are covered on this tour? 
A: Who was charged and convicted for selling condoms?  Recent laws on divorce, abortion and marriage equality and visit the site of  last Magdalene Laundry to close in Dublin
Q: Where does the tour end?
A: The Tour will end at Capel Street, Just a 4-minute walk to the famous Temple Bar area