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Guinness Family  Walking Tour


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From Kildare to Dublin, Trinity College to St, James Gate this is the story of Dublin's best known family. 

Explore how Arthur took an abandoned brewery to one of the best known in the world. His generosity and political ingenuity left a lasting impression on the world and why the advice given to the young women of Dublin was "Get yourself a Guinness man".

Walking tour from Trinity College through the Liberties to St. James Gate

On this tour discover The Guinness Family Story
The Guinness Harp
Purchasing St. James Brewery
Origins of Guinness 
The family's philanthropy
The rise of Guinness in modern times
The Guinness Store House 

Just about everyone who visits Ireland feels the desire to partake in a pint of the Black Stuff and there's no better place than the home of Guinness.


Some would prefer to imbibe in a traditional Dublin pub but there is no place on earth with a fresher pint of Guinness than direct from the source at St James Gate Brewery. Some dedicated Guinness drinkers spend a lifetime searching for the perfect pint, like the quest for the holy grail the search continues. 


On this 2.5 hour tour we will explore the story of Guinness, from the humble beginnings in County Kildare when learning the art of brewing, the political turmoil of the early days and the battle with the English tax man to those who scoffed at Arthurs decision to purchase a 9000 year lease on St. James Gate never believing that the family name would become synonymous with Brewing throughout the world.

The social changes the family brought to Dublin and a worldwide leader in employee benefits.

We finish the tour at The Guinness Storehouse where you own search for the perfect pint can start.