Dublin Literary Tour 


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Explore Dublin's influence on Joyce,Beckett, Swift and Wilde, plus many others 

UNESCO City of Literature, Dublin is associated with four Nobel Prize winners, one of whom is the only person to also win and Oscar. Writing is a part of the fabric of the city and Dublin has had a huge influence beyond Ireland due to this rich literary tradition. No visit to Dublin is complete without exploring this literary heritage and getting to know the writers that created it.

 The storytelling tradition has  been strong in Ireland from the days of the ancient Celts, with the Irish tendency to talk and tell stories for hours on end, it’s no wonder this wonderful oral tradition has transferred onto paper, screen and stage.


On this 2.5 hour tour we visit the sights associated with the most famous Dublin writers. From the Abbey Theatre, founded by W.B. Yeats, past the Samuel Beckett Theatre, and in the footsteps of Leopold Bloom from Joyce's 'Ulysses', we arrive at the home and iconic statue of Oscar Wilde and connect the city with these famous authors.

Q: Do I need book  on line ? 
A: Booking on line is advised to guarantee your reservation but you can come to The Spire before 3 pm and pay on  arrival, subject to availability .
Q: Do I need to know Irish literature in depth to join?
A: Not at all, we will give you a background to the people behind the stories and you might be surprised on what you know about great Irish writers.
Q: What authors will you discuss on the tour? 
A: Joyce, Beckett Swift Wilde and many lesser known one, we will also introduce you to some of the great mythology stories from ancient Ireland 
Q: Where does the tour end?
A: The Tour will end at Stephens Green, just a few minutes walk from the new Literary Museum, why not take advantage of our combo ticket to continue your literary journey.